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5 Key Things You Need to Know About Schengen Visas

The Schengen Area, a zone comprising 26 European countries, has always fascinated its visitors with tourism, education, and career. However, if you are not a citizen of countries in Schengen, you need a visa to enter any country under this zone.  Residents and citizens of the UAE are moving to Schengen countries for various purposes including tourism, studies, business, and employment. Schengen visa in Dubai for education and tourism are the most demanded ones owing to the access to world-class education and mesmerizing tourist destinations. If you are a citizen or resident of UAE with citizenship in another nation, then you should know these five things before you start applying for it.

1. A brief regarding Schengen Visa in Dubai

  • Purpose and Validity: With a Schengen visa, individuals can visit any or all Schengen Area countries for short stays, typically up to 90 days within 180 days This visa is ideal for tourism, business trips, or visiting family and friends but for each visa is specific for each purpose.
  • Types of Schengen Visas: There are various Schengen visa types, each catering to specific needs. The most common is the Schengen Visa Category C (Short Stay Visa) and it is further divided based on the number of permitted entries as single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry visas. Other categories include transit visas for airport layovers and long-stay visas for extended stays exceeding 90 days.
  1. Who is eligible for a Schengen Visa?
  • Citizenship: As previously stated, citizens from countries outside the Schengen Area require a Schengen visa to enter. However, several nations have visa-free arrangements with Schengen members. If you are a citizen of a nation that has visa-waiver arrangements, you are eligible. You will be allowed to use the benefit for a limited time, no more than 90 days. Consult the embassy or Schengen visa agency in Dubai to confirm visa requirements for your nationality.
  • Purpose of Visit: Your visa application has to justify the purpose of your visit. Tourism, business meetings, family visits, and conference attendance are among the most prevalent motives. It is critical to have documentation that supports the objective of your visit.
  • Financial  Status: You’ll need to prove you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself during your stay in the Schengen Area. To prove you will be liable to submit documents such as bank statements, proof of employment, or a sponsor’s letter if applicable.
  1. The Schengen Visa Application Process
  • Apply at the Right Embassy/Consulate: Do you have plans to visit multiple Schengen countries or stay in one country for a longer duration than other countries? Then you should apply first at the representing consulate you first visit or the country you intend to stay long period. Don’t worry, if you are moving through the processes with the support of the Schengen visa agency in Dubai, then they will walk you through it seamlessly. 
  • Required Documents: Usually the documents required include a completed visa application form, a valid passport, passport-sized photos, travel medical insurance, proof of accommodation, proof of financial means, and a cover letter explaining your itinerary and purpose of visit. Additional documents might be required depending on your specific circumstances such as the purpose of your visit, your citizenship, and the time you planning to stay in these countries.
  • Visa Fees: There’s a standard Schengen visa application fee, though it might vary slightly depending on the embassy/consulate and your visa type. The fee is typically non-refundable, even if your visa application is unsuccessful.
  1. Schengen Visa Services in Dubai

Schengen visa services in Dubai are preferred by majority of the travelers since they include some complex steps that can be easily processed with the help of their team. What support you can expect from the Schengen visa agency in Dubai:

  • They offer guidance on visa requirements and application procedures
  • They assist in completing the visa application form which applicants are usually confused with
  • They collect and verify all the required documents on your behalf without your physical appearance
  • They liaison with the embassy/consulate on your behalf
  • You have to make the visa payment as mentioned and they complete the application form
  • They track your visa status and keep you updated on it time-to-time
  1. Important Considerations
  • Processing Time: Visa processing times can vary depending on the embassy/consulate workload and your circumstances. It’s recommended to apply well in advance of your intended travel date, ideally 3-4 months before your trip.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: Ensure your travel medical insurance meets the minimum coverage requirements set by the Schengen Area, typically €30,000 for medical emergencies and repatriation costs.
  • Visa Refusal: There’s always a possibility of visa rejection. Understanding the common reasons for refusal, such as incomplete applications, insufficient funds, or lack of a strong supporting purpose, can help you prepare a stronger application.
Schengen visa from Dubai

A Guide on Obtaining a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa from UAE

The allure of Europe, with its rich tapestry of cultures, historical landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes, beckons travelers worldwide.  For UAE residents, a Schengen visa unlocks the door to this diverse continent. But what if you crave the freedom of multiple visits? 

This blog delves into the process of obtaining a multiple-entry Schengen visa from Dubai. Additionally, it empowers you to explore Europe at your own pace.

What is a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa grants access to the Schengen Area, comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport controls at their shared borders. A single-entry visa allows one visit, while a multiple-entry visa authorizes multiple entries within the validity period. This visa is ideal for frequent travelers, business professionals, or those planning extended explorations across various Schengen countries.

Benefits of a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa

  • Flexibility: Plan multiple trips within the visa’s validity period, offering the freedom to revisit favorite destinations or spontaneously explore new ones.
  • Convenience: Avoid the hassle of multiple visa applications, saving time and resources.
  • Business Advantages: For business travelers, a multiple-entry visa facilitates frequent meetings and fosters stronger business relationships across Europe.

Eligibility for a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa from Dubai

While not guaranteed, several factors can strengthen your application for a multiple-entry Schengen visa from Dubai:

  • Travel History: A demonstrably strong travel history with previous Schengen visas adhered to (single or multiple entry) bolsters your application
  • Employment Status: Stable employment with a strong financial standing increases your credibility as a responsible visitor
  • Purpose of Travel: A clear and well-defined travel itinerary outlining multiple visits within the Schengen Area strengthens your case
  • Financial Stability: Sufficient funds to cover your stay and living expenses in Europe are essential

Documents Required for a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa Application

The specific documents required may vary depending on the embassy or consulate you apply to. However, some general requirements include:
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport (with at least 6 months validity beyond your intended stay)
  • Two Recent Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Proof of Travel Health Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation (hotel bookings, rental agreements, etc.)
  • Proof of Financial Means (bank statements, employment certificates, etc.)
  • Flight Itinerary (showing multiple entries and exits)
  • Previous Travel Documents (if applicable)
  • Additional documents might be required depending on your purpose of travel (e.g., business invitation letter for business visas)

Schengen Visa Services in Dubai

The visa 
  • Application Guidance: Ensuring you have the correct documents and completing the application form accurately
  • Document Verification: Verifying the authenticity and completeness of your documents
  • Appointment Scheduling: Assisting you in scheduling an appointment at the relevant embassy or consulate
  • Visa Fee Payment: Guiding you through visa fee payment procedures
  • Liaison with Authorities: Acting as a point of contact with the embassy or consulate on your behalf (in some cases)

Important Tips for a Successful Application:


  • Apply Well in Advance: Processing times can vary, so plan and initiate your application well before your intended travel date.
  • Be Truthful and Accurate: Ensure all information provided in your application is accurate and reflects your genuine travel plans.
  • Meet Financial Requirements: Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover your travel and stay in the Schengen Area.
  • Maintain a Strong Travel History: A history of responsible travel behavior strengthens your application for a multiple-entry visa.

Getting a multiple-entry Schengen visa from Dubai opens a world of possibilities for exploring European countries. By understanding the process, considering visa services, and following these helpful tips, you can create lasting memories across the continent!

Remember, visa requirements can change, so always check with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit for the latest information. It is also highly recommended to connect with the Schengen visa services near by for latest updates an easy processing.

enjoy with family in UAE with family visa

Bringing Your Family Together: A Guide to UAE Family Visas

In UAE, you can find a mix of people from around the globe and all of them share a good bond even if from different cultures.  UAE is one of the world’s safest places to live and has many tourist attractions, world-class shopping medical facilities, shopping, educational institutions, etc., This has led to migration along with families to various emirates of UAE. If you’re an expat residing in the UAE and want to bring your family, you have to sponsor a resident visa. You can either process by going directly or through a family visa service in Dubai. The latter is the best option since it offers hassle-free issuance and saves you ample as well as an escape from unwanted stress. This guide provides a concise overview of the process and key requirements for navigating a UAE family visa application. Family visas in the UAE enable residents to sponsor their immediate family members, fostering a sense of togetherness. These visas typically last for two to three years, with the option for renewal.

Who can come under a family visa?

  • Wife
  • Parents
  • Sons
  • Daughters
  • Stepchildren

Can a wife sponsor a family visa for her husband in UAE?

Yes, of course, a wife can sponsor her husband if she is employed as a teacher, Engineer, Doctor, nurse, or any other medical sector. Moreover, she should have a monthly income of not less than AED 10,000/- or AED 8,000/- plus accommodation.

Should babies born in the UAE require a residence visa?

Yes, babies born in the UAE should apply for a visa if the parents don’t have UAE citizenship. 

Eligibility and Regulations:

Who can apply?

Only UAE residents with valid visas (employment, investor, etc.) can sponsor their families.

Who can be sponsored?

Spouses (meeting specific age and income requirements), children (usually under 18), and in some cases, parents and unmarried siblings are eligible for sponsorship.

Essential Documents For Family Visa:

  1. Sponsor’s documents:
    • Valid UAE visa and Emirates ID
    • Passport copy
    • Proof of income (employment contract, salary certificates)
    • Proof of accommodation (if applicable)
    • Medical fitness certificate
  2. Family member’s documents:
    • Valid passport (exceeding the visa duration)
    • Recent passport-sized photographs
    • Proof of relationship to the sponsor (marriage certificate, birth certificate)
    • Medical fitness certificate

Family Visa in UAE: Application Process

  1. Online Application: Initiate the process by submitting an online application on the official channels of the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in your emirate.
  2. Medical Fitness Test: Family members must undergo a medical fitness test at designated health facilities.
  3. Emirates ID Registration: Upon approval of the medical test results, family members register their biometrics for the Emirates ID.
  4. Visa Stamping: After successful application processing, the family visa is stamped onto the family member’s passport at GDRFA service centers.

You can also apply for a family visa through visa services in Dubai so that you don’t have to make an effort to perform these processes. The expert consultants will process these steps on your behalf. All you have to do is to give the essential documents they ask for. 

Additional Considerations:

  • Fees: Be prepared for visa application fees, medical test charges, and Emirates ID registration costs.
  • Processing Time: Processing times vary based on the emirate and individual circumstances.
  • Specific Requirements: Each emirate (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, etc.) may have additional or slightly different requirements. Always check with your local GDRFA website for the latest information.

Why do you require visa agents in Dubai

When applying for a visa, you will have to go through many complex situations and require special inquiries. The Experienced Consultants will support and easily navigate all the complex issues.

Bringing your family to the UAE requires careful planning and preparation. If you apply for the first time, you should make very careful planning, and definitely, this will be a helpful guide. Understanding and updating each time regarding the eligibility, documents, and application process will help you throughout the journey. Remember, this guide provides a general overview. For the most up-to-date information and personalized advice, consult the official UAE authorities or choose weight family visa services in Dubai

apply for schengen visa from Dubai

Unveiling Europe: The Benefits of Applying for a Schengen Visa from the UAE

Visiting or migrating to the UAE is a dream of many individuals across the world. European countries are an incredible craft of nature with alluring landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and historical significance of Europe. The attractions of Europe are what beckon travelers worldwide. The Schengen region of Europe encompasses 26 European countries and only one single Schengen visa is required to access all these countries. If you are a resident and citizen of the UAE, there are several benefits in the line. Take Schengen visa assistance in UAE and unlock a world of travel possibilities.


Exploring the Schengen Zone: Your European Passport

The Schengen Area comprises 26 European nations. If you have a single Schengen visa, then you can seamlessly travel between these countries. You require no separate permit or the need for separate visas at each border. If you are travelling for the first time, then you will have to land in the country you have applied Schengen visa, then from there you can travel between countries without any hassles. This feature helps visitors to plan flexible itineraries and can explore diverse cultures and landscapes within their permitted stay. For more info regarding multiple entry, rules, and regulations that are to be followed, it is better to connect with the best travel agency for Schengen visa in Dubai.

Unveiling the Advantages: Why Apply from the UAE?

Applying for a Schengen visa from the UAE offers several benefits for both residents and citizens:

  • Simplified Process: Since UAE is a global commerce hub, it has established diplomatic ties with most Schengen countries. Moreover, since the rules and regulations in UAE are strictly followed, applicants from the UAE will be considered more reliable and often streamlining the application process. There are dedicated Schengen and experienced travel agencies in Dubai for Schengen Visa that can guide you through the requirements, simplifying the process.
  • Reduced Processing Time: Recently many advancements were implemented to speed up the application process. Hence, now visas can be issued for UAE residents for an average of around two weeks. This enables you to plan your trip with greater flexibility and confidence.
  • Potential for Multiple Entry Visas: Now it is possible to apply for a multiple-entry visa and it will be issued based on your itinerary and purpose of travel. With this visa now it is possible to explore different Schengen countries throughout your permitted stay, maximizing your travel experience.
  • Enhanced Travel Opportunities: A valid Schengen visa allows you to explore beyond Europe. Many countries outside the Schengen Area, recognizing the visa’s validity, offer easier entry procedures or visa-on-arrival options.

Rules and Regulations: Important Information for UAE Applicants

While applying for a Schengen visa from the UAE offers several advantages, it’s crucial to adhere to specific regulations. Each Schengen country has individual requirements, and the application process might differ. It’s essential to consult the relevant embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on documentation, fees, and appointment procedures. Additionally, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and possess the necessary travel documents, including valid travel insurance and proof of sufficient financial resources. By adhering to regulations and seeking necessary guidance, you can ensure a smooth and successful visa application process, paving the way for a memorable European adventure.

Concluding Remarks

A Schengen visa from the UAE opens doors to a world of possibilities, allowing you to explore the diverse wonders of Europe with ease. Streamlined processes, faster processing times, and the potential for multiple-entry visas make applying from the UAE an attractive option for both residents and citizens. Remember, always research the specific requirements and regulations of the country you plan to visit first, ensuring a smooth and enriching travel experience.

UAE Visa 2023

UAE Extends Visit Visa Stay Options: Tourists Can Now Stay for an Extended Period of 30 Days.

Synopsis: Tourists with visit visas in the UAE can extend their stay for an additional 30 days, with a maximum extension period of 120 days. This change allows tourists to explore the country’s offerings, participate in numerous activities, and make the most of their visit to the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced new measures that would allow tourists holding a 30 or 60-day visit visa to extend their stay by an additional 30 days, up to a maximum of 120 days. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) are implementing this change to give visitors more time to explore and enjoy the country’s unique offerings.

The UAE has been implementing substantial changes in its visa procedures since October of the previous year, marking one of the most significant residency and entry permit reforms introduced by the Immigration and Citizenship Programme (ICP). As part of these changes, the visit visa system has been improved in a number of ways. Individuals with a 30 or 60-day visit visa are now eligible for an additional 30-day stay, allowing them to extend their journey and experience more of what the UAE has to offer, according to the ICA website. A visit visa holder’s maximum extension length has been set at 120 days.

Tourists or visitors should contact the issuing travel agent or sponsor for more information on the visa extension process, required papers, costs, and any other pertinent facts. It is critical to begin this process well before the current visa’s expiration date to provide enough time for the extension to be handled smoothly.

The visitor’s passport is necessary for the extension, and more information can be received from the issuing agent. Depending on the travel agent handling the application, the extension process usually takes a few days after the appropriate paperwork is submitted. However, according to the ICP website, the time to perform the service after meeting the requirements is projected to be 48 hours.

Firose Khan, the operation manager of Arabian Business Centre, detailed the fees involved with visa extensions, stating that the fee for extending the visa for one month is Dh1,050. On their website, the GDRFA breaks down the charges, which include the visa extension fee of Dh600, as well as the value-added tax (5%). Additional fees include the Knowledge Dirham of Dh10, the Innovation Dirham of Dh10, and an internal fee of Dh500.

While the cost may vary according to the sponsored person’s circumstances or other considerations, the ICP website lists a Dh100 request fee, a Dh500 issuance fee, and other applicable expenses.

It is worth mentioning that, as stated on the website, applications for an extension of an entry permit for tourism should be made through tourism organizations. To avoid penalties or complications during the departure procedure, travel companies have recommended travelers to either leave the country before their visa expires or renew their visas.

This extension allows for greater flexibility in a variety of situations, including tourism, family visits, business meetings, and other personal affairs. Visitors can use this extra time to tour the UAE’s historic landmarks, go shopping, savor culinary delights, or simply relax in the UAE’s world-class hospitality.

Tourists can now extend their stay and make the most of their visit to the UAE, thanks to the UAE’s ongoing efforts to improve its visa system and deliver a more visitor-friendly atmosphere. The UAE remains committed to welcoming and accommodating visitors from all over the world, delivering a memorable and fulfilling experience.

UAE Visa 2023

UAE Implements New Visa Policy | 10-Day Grace Period for Tourist Visa Expiry Ends

Synopsis: The UAE has eliminated the 10-day grace period for travelers to leave after their visas expire. Overstaying visitors will be charged AED50 ($13.60) per day, plus exit permit fees. The new policy intends to enforce stricter visa regulations to avoid visa overstays in the country.

The UAE has canceled the 10-day grace period for travelers to depart the country once their visa expires, in a significant modification to visa restrictions. This new regulation includes strong penalties for overstaying, with the goal of enforcing timely visa compliance. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) will issue an official comment about this development soon.

Tourists previously enjoyed a 10-day grace period to leave the UAE without being fined for overstaying their visas. However, the updated restrictions now impose a daily fee of AED50 ($13.60) for anyone who overstay their visa validity term. Exit permit fees will also be charged in accordance with the new criteria. Travel agents and call center workers have already begun notifying customers about the changed visa requirements.

With the implementation of this new regulation, the length of stay for visitors will be precisely connected with the type of visa issued, whether it is 30 days or 60 days. Overstaying beyond the validity time of the visa will result in a daily penalty. To avoid any extra penalties, visitors and tourists must be aware of this change and schedule their departure accordingly.

The 10-day grace period for visas granted outside of Dubai was still in effect until recently. However, as of May 15, Dubai authorities removed the grace period, bringing the entire UAE in line with the amended visa regulations. This means that all visitors and tourists in the UAE must leave before their visas expire to avoid paying overstay penalties.

The decision to eliminate the grace period indicates the UAE’s commitment to improving its visa system and ensuring its immigration rules are followed. The UAE hopes to safeguard the integrity of its visa system while simplifying visa processing for visitors by adopting stricter measures.

The UAE continues to welcome tourists and travelers from all over the world, with a broad choice of attractions and experiences on offer. The UAE is a popular leisure and business travel destination, thanks to its gorgeous architecture and strong cultural history. By enacting these new visa requirements, the UAE demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the integrity of its immigration system while also providing tourists with a safe and comfortable environment.

For accurate and up-to-date information on visa requirements and restrictions, travelers are recommended to seek guidance from authorized travel agents, consult official government sources, or visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. The UAE’s decision to remove the grace period for visa overstays is a significant step towards aligning its visa regulations with international norms and reaffirming its commitment to effective immigration management.

dubai visa

Saudi Arabia Introduces Innovative E-Visa System to Enhance Tourism and Simplify Visa Process

Synopsis: Saudi Arabia launches a new eVisa system that uses QR codes instead of traditional visa stickers. This endeavor to streamline visa issuing benefits India and six other countries. With a straightforward online application process, the move intends to enhance tourism, diversify the economy, and make travel to Saudi Arabia more accessible.

The Saudi government has introduced the new Saudi Arabia Electronic Visa (eVisa) system, a key step towards making Saudi Arabia a more accessible tourist destination. This digital effort attempts to streamline the visa application process by substituting QR codes for traditional visa stickers. The move is part of Saudi Arabia’s bigger efforts to digitize consular services and strengthen its hotel and tourist businesses as part of a broader economic diversification strategy.

The new eVisa system, which offers faster procedures for obtaining employment, resident, and travel visas, benefits people of India and six other nations. Travelers from these countries can now apply online for a Saudi Arabia eVisa, removing the requirement to visit a consulate or embassy. The application process takes only a few minutes, making it easier than ever to visit the country for tourism.

While nationals of Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait are now not required to get visas when visiting Saudi Arabia for tourism, all other visitors, including those from India, must have a valid eVisa.

Prior to the implementation of the eVisa system, non-exempt foreign travelers had to go through a time-consuming process of booking appointments at Saudi Arabian consulates or embassies. Furthermore, until the introduction of the eVisa, Saudi Arabia did not have a dedicated tourist visa.

Travelers from several qualifying countries, including the United States, can now enjoy a simplified and speedy online application process, providing them authorization to discover the delights of Saudi Arabia, with the implementation of the new eVisa.

While the full list of countries eligible for the Saudi eVisa is still being finalized, the government has already declared that more than 49 nations are eligible for this simple digital visa. This development marks a watershed moment in Saudi Arabian tourist history, as the country’s rich cultural legacy, which includes castles, museums, and mosques, becomes more accessible to international visitors.

Applying for a Saudi Arabia eVisa is a simple process that entails filling out an online application form with personal and travel information. The eVisa will be given via email once the application has been processed and approved. It is recommended that travelers print a copy of their eVisa and give it to border officials upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

The establishment of the Saudi Arabia eVisa system demonstrates the country’s commitment to digital innovation and tourism promotion. Saudi Arabia hopes to attract more visitors and showcase its unique cultural legacy to the globe by streamlining visa requirements and making the process more efficient.

Travelers from qualified countries are encouraged to take advantage of this new chance to easily and conveniently enjoy the delights of Saudi Arabia. The online application process for the Saudi Arabia eVisa is simple, opening the door to a country rich in history, traditions, and captivating destinations.

Schengen Visa

How to apply for Schengen Tourist Visa in 2023

Schengen Visa blogs for Indian citizens are a dime a dozen, then what makes this blog any different?

As everyone’s experience is different, awareness manifests differently in every experience as well. The main objective of this article is to contribute to the existing facts on Schengen visas.


India has become a booming tourism market for Europe in recent years. India is one of the most remunerative tourism markets in the world. Hereof, Europe had a 17% share of the Indian outbound tourism market in the year 2018.

People get confused about what exactly is the right way to book flights & hotels. In order to get approved for your visa application, the visa officer will ask for confirmed flight & hotel bookings. But what if you get rejected for the visa but have already booked your flight and hotel?

This is when Citron Tours comes to your rescue.

Schengen Tourist Visa

“The Goal is to die with memories; not Dreams”

Here’s my two cents!

With a single Schengen visa, you can travel to about 26 countries in Europe? Isn’t that liberating?

In Europe, out of 50 countries, 26 countries have signed a Schengen agreement which is a treaty that allows you to travel to all 26 countries in Europe with a single visa. That is the power of the Schengen visa!

Presently, 22 European Union (EU) countries and 4 Non-EU countries comprises the Schengen Region.

EU Countries include Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Iceland don’t come under European Union but they’re part of the Schengen agreement.

If you have a valid, double, and/or multiple entries Schengen visa on your passport, you can visit Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, and Croatia without any additional visa.

“Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted”

You can also visit some of the non-Schengen countries like Colombia, Antigua, Montenegro, Georgia, Barbuda, Kosovo, Gibraltar, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Mexico, Turkey, Serbia, Herzegovina, Sao Tome, and Principe that allow Indian passport holders with a valid Schengen visa to enter for free.

So, you can visit 26 Schengen countries + 15 non-Schengen countries with a Single Schengen visa.

So, what are you waiting for?

“Jobs fill your pockets; Adventures fill your soul”

Schengen Countries

It is the best choice for tourists who wish to explore all the beauty of these countries at once. Yes! One visa allows you a visit all these 26 countries, these regions are very well known for the best views in the world. From green plains to modern infrastructure, beautiful towers to historic architecture, high mountains to snow covered regions, and beautiful ports and palaces.

But how do I apply for an Indian Schengen Visa?

First of all, plan how long your trip will be, how many times you are planning to visit & your purpose. Short-stay visas last up to 90 days for travel purpose whereas, Work or Study visa is for longer. Multiple-entry visas are also available if you’re planning to travel regularly to the Schengen countries.

You must apply for your India Schengen Visa only if you’re traveling within a 6 months period of time after applying and no fewer than 15 days.

Are you applying for a Schengen tourist Visa? Follow the steps below to get your Visa.

  • Fill the application form
  • Schedule your appointment
  • Forgather all the required documents
  • Submit your application form
  • Provide all the details that are required
  • Now, Sit back & Relax and wait for your Visa to arrive.

What if I received a refusal notice on my visa? How do I proceed then?

If your visa gets refused, you have the right to appeal to the administrative officials where you have applied for your visa.

Schengen visa fee details:

Listed below is the cost of the Schengen visa in INR and UAE Dirhams

Schengen Visa category

Visa fee in INR

Visa fee in UAE Dirhams

Schengen visa for Adults

Rs. 9014.97

Dhs 400

Note: Schengen visa application fee in Indian Rupees is subject to the current exchange rates.

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