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Linking up with the right and the best tour operator can turn your trip into a trip of a lifetime. Citron Tours is one of the best tour operators in the world and also the best among the Dubai tour operators. To your interest, many Dubai tour operators are interconnected with Citron Tours to serve local and worldwide customers. Being one of the best tour operators in the globe, Citron Tours’ specialists promise to take care of the entire trip, sorting everything from accommodation, transport and flights down to the tiny details of your holiday.

Dubai Safari Park

hour - Dubai

AED 50

I-Fly Dubai

hour - Dubai

AED 135

Kayaking in Dubai

1 hour - Dubai

AED 90

Kidzania Dubai Mall

5 hours - Dubai

AED 79
AED 135
AED 680


Citron Tours offers a few special curated packages that entail a stay in an exotic destination as per your expectation. The service of Citron Tours extends to vast countries and continents like Dubai, Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific. Some of Citron Tours’ popular special curated packages also include a stay at Dubai Bonanza – 4 Star, Dubai Bonanza – 3 Star, Short Vacation at Dubai, VIP Holiday Package – Dubai and Standard Dubai Holiday Package. These packages are offered at an affordable price and come with Citron Tours’ quality assurance.


Why citron tours?

There are ample travel agencies available that have existed and still exist. Then why do you need to choose Citron Tours as your travel guide or partner? Citron Tours has been very user-friendly both virtually and on the field. They have been reliable and have years of experience with vast knowledge of destinations at their fingertips. Citron Tours, perhaps known as the best tour operator, is ready to serve you and make your trips colorful.