Salalah River

Discover The Magic Of Salalah: Your Best Travel Guide From Dubai

Considering a travel tour to Salalah from Dubai? Let us dive you into an oasis of culture, history, natural beauty, and adventure.

Begin your voyage to Salalah, the soul of Oman’s Dhofar region. This city boasts astonishing beaches, flourishing landscape, and mouth-watering cuisine. Exploring Salalah with Mountain Valley Holidays can offer you the best of historical grace, cultural treasures, magnificent wadis, distinctive wildlife, and more. Let’s discover more about Salalah via this detailed guide of Salalah tour from Dubai, and learn why it is considered a must-visit destination for every hodophile or one who loves to travel.

Salalah Tour Packages from Dubai

There are plenty of travel agencies in Dubai that offers reasonable and handy tips by understanding the needs of every traveler. However, Citron Tours take pride in offering customized packages and dedicated client support, which makes us the best travel agency in Dubai. We understand your requirements and customize road packages or air packages accordingly. We can customize the packages in accordance with your budget and convenience. Additionally, we have designed the Salalah tour package in a way that covers every kind of hodophile, who may be a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a beach lover. We provide you with the best Salalah tour packages that basically include flights, accommodation, guided tours, and transportation. The motive is to ensure you a hassle-free vacation experience.

Highlights Of Salalah

  1. If you are an antiquarian, then you will love to dive into the famous archaeological site of Al Baleed, an ancient port city of the frankincense trade route, and the tomb of Prophet Ayoub, which holds significance in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. You will be excited to learn about the intriguing ancient tribes of the area, and how Salalah grew into the vibrant city it is today.
  2. If you are a xenophile or one who loves foreign cultures, customs, and people, then you will fall in love with Salalah’s culture via its food, art, music, and architecture. You will enjoy the city’s traditional music and dance performances. You can even learn to cook Omani dishes with local chefs, or participate in an Arabic calligraphy workshop. 
  3. The zoophilist or one who love animals will get an opportunity to visit and get the best of Al Saleel National Park and Samhan Nature Reserve, where you get the chance to witness a diverse range of local fauna, including the Arabian leopard, Arabian gazelle, and several bird species. 
  4. With our tour package, an orophile (one who loves mountains or hillscapes) inside you will get the best in the world, by climbing the steep slopes of Jebel Samhan or Jebel Al Qara, and enjoying breathtaking views of Salalah. Professional photographers will assist you in grabbing the landscapes, starry night skies, and the transforming hues of dawn and dusk over the mountains. For thrill-seekers, this city offers a host of hilarious activities. You can ride on the world’s largest sand desert, desert Safari in the Empty Quarter, or mountain biking in the Dhofar Mountain range. Isn’t this the best Salalah tour package for you?
  5.  All the shopaholics out there will endure the hustle and bustle of the traditional Omani souks. You can purchase authentic Omani crafts, jewelry, textiles, and, of course, frankincense from the Al Husn Souk or the New Salalah Souk. 

What to Consider Before Considering Salalah Tour from Dubai

  • Season to travel – Salalah’s monsoon season, the duration of Khareef season is from June to September. It is this time the region reveals its immense beauty by transforming itself into a magnificent paradise. On the other hand, Dubai endures an arid climate. If you prefer drier weather, it would be recommended to visit the city between October and May. Visiting during the off-season can be a point of discussion if you wish to disappear from the tourist rush and endure the city’s attraction in peace.
  • Wise packing: Since temperatures tend to be cooler in Salalah than in Dubai, it is advisable to stuff light, breathable clothing for the day and a light jacket for the evenings. It would be great to carry a swimsuit, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and comfortable walking shoes
  • Vital credentials: It is mandatory to verify that your passport has a minimum validity of 6 months or you may need to procure a visa upon arrival. 


For a worthwhile vacation, for the best memories to capture, take the Salalah tour from Dubai and prepare for a journey of discovery and relaxation. Hope this guide help you navigate everything about Salalah and to help you with this, we can assist you in making your trip memorable with us.