Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Sawatdi Kha !

What if I tell you that today we are going to talk about a country which is famous for its temples?

If you’ve guessed it to be India then you might want to give it another thought because today we are going to talk about Thailand, the country of smiles.

Thailand is in Southeast Asia with coasts of Andaman Sea – The Gulf of Thailand. With great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and beautiful beaches.

“A Magnet for travelers the world over”.

Tourism has always been a major economic contributor to thailand’s economy since it has always been one of the most loved tourist destination with over 35 million tourists visiting the country every year.

Thailand ranks 77th out of 189 countries which puts it in the high human development category the world bank describes thailand as one of the great development success stories with sustained strong growth and impressive poverty reduction.

Thai individuals are known for being particularly inviting, amicable, and accommodating. Remember whoever you’re speaking with, end the sentence with either “ka” or “krup” literally indicates a way to show respect. “Ka” is said by women and “krup” is used by men.

Once, you step into the Thailand as a Visitor, you’ll be surprised to notice that Thai people wearing similar colors. This is because each day is assigned a particular colour in a week. This is not followed by all the thais but some of the people will do (especially who are working in government sectors).

Monday is for yellow. Tuesday is for pink. Wednesday is for green, and so on. Yellow represents the late King Bhumibol, who is a Monday-born person.

Mai pen rai!

As a tourist, you should learn the phrase “mai pen rai” before entering into the thailand kingdom. Mai pen rai literally translated into ‘don’t worry’ and this is one of the most frequently used phrases you’ll hear in the sois of thailand.

“Wai” represents the Most respectful greeting in the sois of thailand. This greeting mean a multitude of things, including hello, thank you & goodbye.

“Everywhere you go, take a smile with you.”

But how much do we really understand about the Thai smile?

The Answer: pretty much nothing at all.

For a real insight into Thai smiles, here are 13 unofficially documented “yim’s” (smiles):

The 13 Yim’s Of Thailand:

1. Yim yaw smile is used when teasing someone.

2. Yim cheun chom smile indicates ”I’m proud of you”

3. Yim mai awk smile is a smile with difficult emotion used when someone is physically hurt.

4. Yim mee lessanai smile that masks the bad intent.

5. Yim chuead chuean is a bad guy smile

6. Yim dor dhaan smile indicates disagreement of someone’s idea but still saying that “you can go ahead”

7. Yim sao is the Smile of sadness

8. Yim haeng indicates a dry smile

9. Yim suu suu Indicates the Smile of encouragement

10. Yim yoh-yae smile indicates there is no point in crying over what happened.

11. Yim thang nam daa smile indicates when someone is sad but still smiling outside.

12. Fuoon Yim indicates a fake smile

13. Yim taak thaai indicates the Smile of Convenience

Thailand is a heavily buddhist country with more than 41,000 temples and more being built all the time in many regions. You can easily explore four to five temples in one day on foot. Some of the most iconic temples in thailand are the white temple in chiang rai, the temple of reclining buddha in bangkok and so on.

Apart from temples, Thailand is also famous for its beautiful monasteries, beaches, parks, and palaces. Just move on, mate.

A country that is rich with it’s culture and tradition.

It’s no surprise that there are many enthralling festivals in thailand which are celebrated throughout the year and offers an exciting opportunity to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one that was less travelled by” – Robert Frost

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