LRS Scheme

TCS rate for foreign remittances under LRS Scheme has been increased. How to book smartly?

Travel Smarter, Not Harder: How Citron Tours Can Help You Beat the TCS Hike?

Many people look forward to travelling abroad. However, a recent announcement in the Budget 2023 may make this dream more expensive to realize. The TCS rate for foreign remittances under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) has been increased from 5% to 20% (except for education and medical purposes). This means that booking overseas travel packages will become more expensive as of July 1, 2023.

We understand that travelling is a great way to learn about new cultures, get away from daily routines, and create lasting memories with loved ones. That is why we encourage you to book your next foreign trip with Citron Tours to avoid paying additional fees and make the most of your travel budget.

Understanding the New Rule:

It is critical to understand the new rule to avoid paying more for your international travel packages. According to the revised LRS guidelines, if you buy an overseas tour package from a travel agent, you must pay a 20% TCS, beginning July 1, 2023. Furthermore, if you buy foreign currency from an authorized dealer for your foreign trip, you will be charged a 20% TCS. However, if you book your international air ticket on your own (rather than as part of a tour package), you will not be charged TCS.

This new rule will increase the upfront cost of tour packages because TCS will be applied to all foreign travel expenses, except airfare, such as accommodation, food, and other travel costs abroad. This could have a big effect on your travel budget, especially if you’re on a longer trip or going with a group.

As a traveler, you deserve to get the best value for your money and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. You can navigate these new regulations and make sure you get the most out of your vacation budget by making a reservation with Citron Tours. We’ll work with you to create the ideal itinerary that satisfies both your travel needs and your budget.

How Citron Tours Can Help?

At Citron Tours, we recognize the value of travel and how it can improve your quality of life. We also recognize your desire to stretch your trip expenses as far as possible while minimizing unneeded costs.

Being a top travel company, we specialize in creating personalized vacation plans that take into account your particular tastes and spending limit. Our staff of travel specialists can assist you in creating a vacation that suits your preferences because they have in-depth knowledge of many different locations.

By planning your international vacation with Citron Tours before July 1st, you can avoid incurring the extra TCS fees. We also provide affordable prices and special offers that will help you save even more money. Our large network of reliable partners enables us to offer you fantastic discounts on travel-related costs, including lodging and other travel-related expenditures.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way whether you’re organizing a single trip, a romantic getaway, or a family vacation.

It’s a wise choice to book Citron Tours for your upcoming international trip. We can help you maximize your vacation budget and create priceless experiences thanks to our knowledge and dedication to client satisfaction. Don’t let the new TCS regulations prevent you from enjoying your vacation. Plan your next adventure by getting in touch with Citron Tours right away.

Why You Should Book Now?

Your travel budget will surely be impacted by the recent increase in TCS rates for international transfers made through the LRS system. Thus, it’s more crucial than ever to reserve your upcoming international vacation with Citron Tours before July 1st to avoid the surcharges.

Booking your trip right away will also provide you the benefit of locking in current rates, which could increase in the future as a result of the new TCS regulations. You’ll also have more time to organize your trip, research your destination, and make the essential travel arrangements, which will make your trip less stressful and more pleasurable.

By booking now, you’ll have the opportunity to experience all that these destinations have to offer, including unique cultures, gorgeous scenery, and exciting activities.

Travel is a substantial investment, and Citron Tours is here to help you get the most out of it. By making your reservation as soon as possible, you’ll not only save money but also get the chance to enjoy safe, responsible travel.


Do not be deterred from planning your upcoming international vacation by the new TCS regulations for international remittances. You have a dependable partner in Citron Tours who can guide you through these difficulties and help you make priceless trip experiences. This is the ideal time to discover new cultures, form deep relationships, and widen your horizons.

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